Creative and Trendy Braided Ponytails

Braided ponytails are a great way to get the perfect hairstyle for your busy day. They are easy to do, take little time, and look fabulous.

The best thing about braided ponytails is that they work with any hair length – whether it’s long or short, thick or thin – so if you have an upcoming event where you need a quick style change but don’t want to be stuck in front of the mirror all night, then try out this simple tutorial.

Braided ponytail hairstyles

type of braidIf you have a young daughter, niece, or granddaughter with long hair and you want to teach her how to style it in a fun and easy way for them to do themselves, braided ponytails are the perfect hairstyle. The first type of braid is called the fishtail braid, which has an elegant look with thin strands on each side. The second type of braid is called the French braid, which looks more complicated but gives a sophisticated look once mastered. Finally, we will end with a more simple Dutch braids style, where only one section of hair needs to be pulled back away from the face.

Ways to style braided ponytails

Braided Ponytails are a fun way to change up your hairstyle for summer. But, they’re not just for little girls anymore! Braids can be done in intricate patterns or easy, messy buns. It’s quick and easy to create the perfect braided ponytail with these simple steps:

  • Start by parting the hair down the center of your head -Pull one side over the top of your head and use it as a base
  • Take another piece, pull it across your face while crossing behind the ear on the opposite side from the initial piece, then cross under the original base before pulling back through the same hole in front of the ear that was used for the first step
  • Repeat process with the second half of hair.

black hair

Braided ponytail for black hair

Braided ponytails are great for black hair! They can be worn two ways: down or up. The braids can either be done in French, Dutch, or even a rope twist. You could also do this with cornrows. If you have short hair, you could pull the front part of your hair back into a high ponytail and then wrap it around to create the style. Braiding your hair helps keep flyaways at bay because it creates less surface area exposed to air currents – meaning there is less risk of static electricity buildup.

A braided ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for black hair. This style is easy to create and will look amazing on any occasion. It’s also challenging to mess up, making it perfect for those who aren’t confident in their hairstyling skills.

Braids are versatile and can be done in many ways: french braid, fishtail braid, Dutch braid, or all three combined into an intricate braided bun with the ends wrapped around your head like a crown.

To achieve this style, you’ll need five-six hair elastics (depending on how long your hair is), two dime-sized globs of gel or pomade, and one sectioning clip at the top of your head.