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Tricks for Getting Rid of Sunburn

Sunburns are no fun. They’re uncomfortable, painful and can leave you feeling self-conscious. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to help get rid of your sunburn as soon as possible! Read

Creative and Trendy Braided Ponytails

Braided ponytails are a great way to get the perfect hairstyle for your busy day. They are easy to do, take little time, and look fabulous. The best thing about braided ponytails is that they work with any hair

Awesome Silver Nail Art Ideas for Your Next Mani

Nail art is a huge trend right now, and it’s not going anywhere. So if you’re looking for some new nail art ideas, we’ve got them here! We have everything from simple designs to intricate patterns

Red, Orange and Brown Autumn Leaf Nail Art Ideas

There are so many beautiful autumn colors to incorporate into your upcoming nail art. There’s a reason why leaves change color in the Fall, it’s because they’re getting ready for winter! In this


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