The Best Way to Layer Your Clothes This Fall

ways to layer outfits

There are many ways to layer your clothes this fall, but today we’re going to talk about the most basic way. A good rule of thumb is that layers should be darker on top and lighter underneath. The outfit below demonstrates this perfectly!

Fall has arrived, and with it comes the need to layer your clothes for warmth. Now that fall is here, we all know about the cool mornings and evenings. You’ll want to make sure you have a sweater or two in your closet so that when those chilly days come around, you’re ready. A great way to keep warm during these cooler months is by layering pieces of clothing over one another. Just like peeling an onion – one piece at a time – as each subsequent article of clothing gets added, they should cover more skin than the previous item did. For example: start with jeans, then add tights or leggings.

How do you wear layered clothes?

The best way to layer your clothes this fall is with tights. Tights are versatile and can be worn as pants, shorts, or a skirt, depending on the weather. They are perfect for adding warmth in the winter but also keeping cool breezes away in the summer. This season’s styles include lace detail, prints, embellishments, and more! Check out these ways to wear tights below:

  • Wear them under skirts for an extra layer of protection against cold winds
  • Layer them over sweaters for added warmth when it gets chilly outside
  • Tuck jeans into boots with tights underneath -Pair printed tights with a flouncy dress
  • Add lace detailing to your look by pairing black lace-up.
  • A gray sweater over a white tank top with a brown cardigan on top
  • Light wash jeans with black boots
  • Necklace for an extra touch of color
  • Pants should go over the top of long sleeve shirts or sweaters so that your body heat stays trapped in the layers closest to your skin and the wind won’t whip up under them.
  • Wear tights or leggings with socks if you’re wearing pants without boots – they’ll help trap warmth around your feet too – plus, tights will cover up any exposed legs, which can make for a less chilly walk home from work!

layering pieces of clothingCreative ways to layer outfits

Ever want to wear something different, but you’re not sure how it would look? Well, this blog post is for you! We’ll be exploring ways to layer outfits in creative ways that will make your outfit stand out. You can create a whole new wardrobe with these simple tricks!

Let’s get started! We’ll explore the first way by using an undershirt as the bottom layer of your top and wearing pants or jeans. This creates an exciting contrast between the two layers, which makes the outfit more eye-catching. Next up, let’s try adding a blazer over your shirt dress or skirt for a professional look that still has some personality. Lastly, if you have any skirts at home that are too short on their own.